Reflections on Marriage

An Adam Piggott post, on game in marriage, with touching humility. I found this quite inspiring, as there are many ideas I need to revisit.

… as an adult I reserve the right to alter or change the following positions based on new and relevant information as it comes to hand. Contrary to what many of you may think, it is not a sign of weakness to act in this way.

When I first read the original article , I was struck as to how odd it seemed. To be in so obvious agreement with general manosphere principles - then to put oneself above it. Anyhow, he has partly corrected in the revisiting which you can peruse yourself.

Onward to declarations :

I am a man-boy. Raised in a single mother, feminist household from birth. My father was already in a new relationship when I was conceived. I was a product of last minute hope, of re-kindling. Not to be.

The amount of hate and vitriol I encountered towards men in my youth was immense. I doubt this is unusual. Many writers whom I admire have been through the exact same process. It wasn't until my twenties that I discovered the baseless nature - getting to know my father well. The picture he paints is completely different to the one my mother scribbled. In his old age he tends to repeat himself. One such utterance is, 'If your mother wasnt so spiteful and hateful, I would have stayed with her.' She would often rage about odd things while driving, or at other random times.

I had been in a de-facto relationship for over 20 years. At times, I lived by myself - but it was omnipresent. We have one child - a fatal mistake not to have more, and earlier. Keeping her busy with younguns is mandatory. I assumed my partner was an adult, in a way above me. This was very wrong.

MGTOW is an endless font of knowledge to me. Although I have often tried to place myself above it - the truths are obvious. It is a lifestyle I will never be able to stomach. As such, I also tried to rationalize it away as failed men espousing their failure to the world. It is only through understanding that it is a philosophy, not a political movement that I came to appreciate it. It can be utilized in any fashion when it comes to women - without taking it literally.

I failed in 'marriage' (I considered de-facto and marriage to be the same thing - again, very wrong.)
I became comfortable, and working from home was a killer mistake. Frankly stupid. The need to game & frame is constant. I relaxed, and ignored this.

Arguing with the ex, after the fact, was pointless. She had clouded her mind and seemed a shadow of her previous self. The verbal garbage she would spout was a huge shock. The same feminist, regurgitated crap I have railed against since time immemorial.

It is fair to point externally for factors affecting marriage nowadays. Although our modern living standards are the best ever - the internal mind grapples with the same problems. Hypergamy & feminism are out of control. It makes the proper formation of a family incredibly difficult.

The easiest rationalization I have made is that it is all my fault. I understand this is not strictly true. It doesn't matter. It is very relieving to take this burden and completely alter my outlook on women in the future. My terms are all that matter. This is how it must be. This is how it will be until I fail again.

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