Weekend reading 8th Sept

Science ain't what it used to be. Following the mould of the James Damore/Google shenanigans comes this bombshell from Quillette.

In the highly controversial area of human intelligence, the ‘Greater Male Variability Hypothesis’ (GMVH) asserts that there are more idiots and more geniuses among men than among women.

Quite simple, really. A backlash is to be expected. It certainly didn't disappoint.

“Several colleagues,” she wrote, had warned her that publication would provoke “extremely strong reactions” and there existed a “very real possibility that the right-wing media may pick this up and hype it internationally.” For the second time in a single day I was left flabbergasted. Working mathematicians are usually thrilled if even five people in the world read our latest article. Now some progressive faction was worried that a fairly straightforward logical argument about male variability might encourage the conservative press to actually read and cite a science paper?

Irony is not a strong point with these knuckleheads. The paper is here. Couching it in calm language, as per the abstract & conclusion, is no bulwark.

In my 40 years of publishing research papers I had never heard of the rejection of an already-accepted paper. And so I emailed Professor Senechal. She replied that she had received no criticisms on scientific grounds and that her decision to rescind was entirely about the reaction she feared our paper would elicit. By way of further explanation, Senechal even compared our paper to the Confederate statues that had recently been removed from the courthouse lawn in Lexington, Kentucky. 

A longer summary of the appalling behavior can be found here.


I believe I first heard the term “political correctness” used on a Saturday Night Live show back in about 1980. And I thought it was just a joke—like most of the things on SNL. But it turned out to be a real thing, and it’s been building momentum, for at least the last two generations. Where is it going to end? I’m not sure, but it’s just one more termite eating away at the foundations of Western civilization itself. People that go along with this stuff aren’t just crazy. They’re actually evil. They’re the same types who rallied around Robespierre during the French revolution, Lenin during the Russian Revolution, Hitler in ‘30s Germany, and Mao in China. It’s a certain personality type.

A shorter interview rant than usual from Casey. 


Andrei Martyanov brings us a brief insight into European politics.

An interesting feature, Chemnitz is Eastern Germany, it is former DDR. It still has German heart beating in it--Soviet "occupation" you say? Recall Stalin's Hitlers come and go, Germany remains. That wasn't the case of West Germany which eventually was turned into multicultural emasculated cloaca.

The first linked video provides the unbelievable quote :

If a person offends you, you have the right to stab them.

Integration proceeding at rocket pace, no doubt. The second video has no subtitles, and is dull.


From Robert Stacy McCain, an amusing write-up of Twitter solipsism.

Do I know that this is what he was thinking? No, as I say, we only have her side of the story, and have no idea whether this guy was sincere in saying he felt “intimidated” by his lawyer-fiancée’s career. Whatever the case may be, however, he really lost nothing when she left, and has every reason to congratulate himself on dodging a bullet. Better to have her walk out before the wedding than to be crushed in a divorce.

Whatever your interpretation of this story is, at least it’s instructive as a surefire tactic to get rid of a woman: “You intimidate me!”


Tom Luongo offers a double shot on the craziness in Washington DC. 'Clarity on the Road to Civil War'

And what is clear to me now is that the Deep State is done whipping the progressive Left into a frenzy over Donald Trump. They are now openly handing them pitchforks and mustering for a hostile takeover of the Oval Office.

From 'Destroying Trump Destroys More than America' :

It was plainly evident to a majority of Americans that the drama on Capitol Hill was closer to an episode of Arrested Development than The West Wing.

We simply knew inserting our own Michael Bluth into the mix would allow the insanity burble to the surface for everyone to finally be okay with tearing it all down.


Following on from Ann Coulter's excellent piece on immigration,

The gleeful destruction of our country may be less annoying than the insults to our intelligence necessary to pull it off. 

 Comes a condensed (i.e. still huge) breakdown of Hoppe's view.

The current situation in the United States and in Western Europe has nothing whatsoever to do with "free" immigration. It is forced integration, plain and simple, and forced integration is the predictable outcome of democratic one-man-one-vote rule.

Further reading on this issue, Steve Sailer from 2016.

It’s fascinating to reread Democrats debating immigration a couple of decades ago because the intellectual quality of their arguments was so much higher back then.

A Roy Beck article from 2009.

Ted Kennedy's immigration policies aren't even good for the immigrants who already are here.

Australia, I haven't forgotten thee.

Speaking to an “Invasion Day” protest rally in Melbourne this year, Aboriginal activist Tarneen Onus-Williams, screamed: “Fuck Australia,” expressing her hope “it burns to the ground.”


I learnt about the Orthodox Church :

After Byzantium fell to the Ottomans, the Moscow — the Russian church — became the de facto great power in world Orthodoxy.

The Boer women had stood side by side with their men in the battle against the Zulus.As a result, they had received a promise that they would be given a voice in all future matters of state.

Finally some humour to round it off. Happy weekend.
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