How to Have Sex Without Being Locked Up (Lessons from Hofstra)

Lessons in Sexual Dalliance #1 - Always Carry & Use a Recording Device.

Daily life may be a quagmire of opportunities. It is one's duty to resist these mosquitoes of desire & press on. The next time you are offended by/offered a sexual opportunity - do make sure to record it. The recording will offer clear spiritual release in that you, at some point in the proceedings, uttered the magical word NO. That it was in response to the question "Should I stop?" is of mere consequence. The sheer magic of the word works even in retrospect. One need never have said it in fact.

There are a few important things to say about the Hofstra 5 case. The first point has been made. The Hofstra 5 looked headed straight for jail. For a probable maximum of 25 years. The video evidence that one of the men took was of crucial importance. Without it's existence, it is doubtful whether the woman would have ever recanted her story. Certainly, without the pressure it would have inevitably beared, her reason for doing so would be greatly diminished.

As with the Matthew Johns case , the reasons for the girl creating the tale of hype she did were twofold:
a) to address personal shame & guilt felt after the event. ie an immature girl's reaction
b) to address issues of reputation - the opinion of others. In this case, it appears the reaction of her boyfriend was a key motivator.

It can never be known when it will be felt. It may be the next day, maybe later. These petty emotions are sufficient to create a scandalous reaction that will motivate the hordes of brain-dead into action. By their own will & motive force, these hordes have the power to publicly convict. One must hold onto recorded evidence of the act for a period of 30+ years.

Lessons in Sexual Dalliance #2 - Always speak in the second person. NEVER use the word 'I'.

The important point is that first person information is not trusted by the public. The court of public opinion is the most puerile of all courts. The purveyors lack intellect, and respond only in an emotional manner. The Hofstra case immediately evaded the (clearly false) supposition of "Innocent until proven Guilty." The mere and obvious fact that all such testimony begins in the first person is irrelevant. The moment the policeman reported the 18 year old woman's claims in the second person - IT BECAME FACT. Please read the initial comments to the story. The men had immediately been tried. The key had already been thrown into the dark waters of the Hudson River. Farewell, and enjoy your 25 years in jail.

The comments made by the men (19-21 years old) were wrong not for the content of the message. The first person nature - the word I - has raised sufficient doubt in the minds of the lowly court of the public. "I know how to treat women." - That comment will end up spraypainted on his grave. The feeble minds are unable to grasp at a first person comment. They need to be spoon-fed. "The situation reached a point where the carriage of respect may have been somewhat shaky." That is a much better comment. The information content is much lower (perhaps very close to zero - that is what is needed - legal junk speak) than the first person version. Even if the speaker believes to his utmost that the issue of respect for women is not part of the equation - he must pander to the fools who invoke it at every opportunity. The men will never live down the comments they have made in the first person. They are effectively now branded (upon their forehead) by a vicious, malevolent mob.

Lessons in Sexual Dalliance #3 - NEVER Smile for the Camera

The above photo can be read in two ways. a) a bunch of thugs who have gotten away with a moral crime. b) a bunch of guys relieved that they had stared down a ridiculous jail term and been able to walk away & laugh at the stupidity of the situation. ALWAYS UNDERESTIMATE the value of public judgement. a) is the easiest & requires the least mental aptitude. a) is therefore superior - en masse.

Lessons in Sexual Dalliance #4 - Always Brag to Your Mates

This point has no direct relation to the above case. It is an expansion of the first two points. The first version of an event is the most powerful. Telling as many friends about any & all sexual encounters is the only way to harness this. Your version will be imprinted, and when a friend hears an alternate version - they will be inclined towards the first version (similar to Lesson #1). This is true of the public at large. However, the impracticalities of applying Lesson #4 to the public are twofold. Firstly, they will have no personal connection. Therefore, likelihood of belief in bragging story as pure fact is severely lessened. Secondly, there are far too many.

Friends will retell the story in the second person. The second key point is that body language & distance will clearly reveal 'truth' to simple listeners (as per police detective - also, I would say, why lawyers are worth so much). Having a personal involvement in the telling of a story immediately implies criminality to said simpletons. This is clearly ridiculous, and reinforces Lesson #2.

Someone else, preferably of 'sound moral character' (all this statement means is that they have not been caught or that few would care anyway) re-telling a story is pivotal.

Lesson #5 - Being on the Run is of Benefit.

The 5th chap has pretty much escaped visual media attention. He was also the one who had the video footage. These two points have combined to give him the brightest future of the five. Take footage and run. This has been demonstrated to be the most superior approach. Futher suggesting what a bunch of fools the court of public opinion is.

Lesson #0 - The Rules of Gentlemanly Conduct Have Been Thrown Out. To protect oneself, one must act as a complete dingbat during & after any sexual encounter.

2009 - Official Year of the Sex Scandal

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