Nikki Gemmell - What are they thinking?

Nikki Gemmell does it again. (paywall)

Do they hate us that much? It's arguably Germaine Greer's most famous line: "Women have very little idea of how much men hate them."

Straight into it she goes. Arguing from a position of sanity is below our dear Ms Gemmell. A brief list of Greer's other lines (not in the article):

When a profession becomes female dominated - it turns to shit.

Journalism anyone?

Women in the military are fools.

Read more about this here.

Socialism is the only path to women's liberation.

Well, the kindest thing to say here is that women's liberation is a mirage.

In summation, there is no reason to hate Greer. Of course, she should have no political vote to propel us into her utopia.

Gemmell - on the other hand - is a vapid, insecure moron. She uses her platform to pretend to speak for other women. In reality, it is all about her.

What are you thinking? It was the question I never liked when I was a young woman, from the boyfriends, lovers, the men around me trying to get into my brain. Again and again, what are you thinking? As if they couldn't bear I had a secret part of me they couldn't access; they needed to find it out.

The author's most famous book was published anonymously. Seeing a pattern yet?

A woman disappears, leaving behind an incendiary diary chronicling a journey of sexual awakening. To all who knew her, she was the good wife: happy, devoted, content. But the diary reveals a secret self, one who's discovered that her new marriage contains mysteries of its own.

A multitude of reviews, written by women, is in the above link. Here is the most popular :

This book was basically irritating. It starts off with a letter from the anonymous author's mom to the publisher saying that her daughter disappeared, with her infant son, and her car/baby's stroller were found atop a cliff but no bodies were found. She found this manuscript though. So does the manuscript give insight into the woman's disappearance? Der- not at all. It's just this woman who is basically an asshole telling of her dissatisfaction with her brand new marriage.

Back to the car crash of an article.

What are you thinking? If only they knew. Because they really didn't need my honesty. They wouldn't have liked it, and it would have made my path through the world they'd created for themselves all the more difficult.

This is called agreeableness. Something women have in spades over men. It applies equally to relations with women also. Gemmell is an addict for blaming internal mental processes on other people. Just one reason why she is unable to connect cause and effect.

What was I thinking? That I hated the sex perhaps. Giving blowjobs. That I felt smarter and stronger and more together than the man trying to penetrate my mind, but was never allowed to articulate this and if I did, I'd be punished for it.

Classic. 'Never allowed'. By who, Nikki? By who? I love how she has turned the victim spotlight straight onto herself. Feminism al dente.

What are you thinking? That I may well be coolly assessing you, actually. That the man in front of me could penetrate my body but could not penetrate my mind. It was a survival instinct. Because I knew that to be loud, abrasive, honest - to tell them what I was really thinking - could cost me jobs and relationships. So I quietened. Hid my true self.

A survival instinct for being the war bride that she is in her head. Freedom doesn't exist. No matter her choices, she will feel entrapped. Not an adult.

What are we thinking? Rage. And now we articulate it. Last year's MeToo movement was a galvanising moment of insurrection but I fear complacency. Fear that we'll drift back to where we were.

Ah, of course. She was always writing this for da womyn. It had nothing to do with her.

Because women have always been the butt of hate. From Eve, that original transgressor through to the lionesses of the MeToo movement, those women who are different, disobedient, audacious, outspoken, will be punished. Women pay the price for male insecurity, again and again. Our voice is our weapon. Deploy it. To lift up those good men who get it, and to shame those who don't. What are we thinking? Guess.

'What are we thinking? Guess' - No, Nikki. What are you thinking? Completely predictable, solipsistic trash. That's an easy guess.

Shame is a tactic against females. Men are not women, and her shame based strategy reveals all. She wants to be top bitch. The pattern is unrelenting.

She started the article on Greer, then rapidly proceeded to the trash bucket. This article will close on Greer :

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