Inside the Mind of the Far Left

This person will never be an adult. In January 2016 a German liberal was attacked by three migrants. She initially lied about the identity of the three. This is the letter she wrote to a fictional version of them, apologising..


'I wanted an Open Europe, a friendly one.'

- I am brainwashed. With little understanding of human behaviour.

'One that I can gladly live in and one in which we are both safe in.'

- I demand to be glad & safe. The migrants just need to be safe. Their gladness is implied by my welcome.

'I am sorry. For us both I am so incredibly sorry.'

- The process of integration is a magical tree. Turn up - be given the trappings of middle class. As all people are all the same - the magic works - everybody is glad, safe & PASSIVE.

'You, you aren't safe here, because we live in a racist society. I, I am not safe here, because we live in a sexist society.'

- The height of abstraction. Who is to blame? This exchange may shed some light :

'But what truly makes me feel sorry, are the circumstances by which the sexist and boundary-crossing acts that were inflicted on me, make it so that you are beset by increasing and more aggressive racism.'

- Oh dear, the mythical blame totem again. The attackers have little to no responsibility.

'I promise you, I will scream. I will not allow it, that this continues happening. I will not stand by idly and watch as racists and concerned citizens call you a problem.'

- The feebleness of mind on display. Racism is the culprit. Let's not bother with real solutions - fantastical ones are better.

'You are not the problem. You are not a problem at all. You most often are a wonderful human being, who deserves to be free & safe like everyone else.'

- Microphone drop. Which demonstrates her central point. She never explicitly states it - but it is white men to blame. This is, of course, indirect. White men represent Western civilization. It's a dream. A warm, open, naive society that she wishes for would remove these base instincts. This is an utterly pathetic human being excusing other human scum whilst blaming a modern day touchstone.

This is how Identity Politics & Intersectionality work. Anyone ensconced in these abject political workings is not an adult. They never can be until they abandon it. This describes a great cross section of our societies.

The job of white men is to give to all & sundry the rights we have in our countries. Whilst simultaneously protecting the citizens. And also letting anyone in. It is pure madness. We cannot continue allowing these idiots to have a say in politics. It will be the doom of us.

It should also be noted the woman is a politician...

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