2009 - Official Year of the Sex Scandal

So, I bought the newspaper for the first time in months. I haven't been following online. Page 3 - 'Barmaid talks of sex in car with Premier.' Ah, it's refreshing to know things haven't changed. Newspapers still rely on the lowest common denominator approach. I can only gather it continues to work.

"In her paid interview, Ms Chantelois says she had sex in Mr Rann's office and would collect him from Adelaide casino .. and drive to the nearby ..  golf club. 'He was calling the shots and I was his puppet' she said. 'I would just follow his instructions and there were secret meetings."

Well, I am very shocked already. How dare a man in power ever use that power for sex? It must be an abuse of power. Remember - 'He was calling the shots'. The victimhood of the woman is now established.

"[We would go] just on the side of the road at the golf course. And I'm ashamed to say intimacy was involved."

Oh, that's a relief. I thought this was a sex scandal. It appears they parked by the side of the road and talked with 'intimacy'. In any case, the woman is not to blame.

"Ms Chantelois told Seven that Mr Rann should say sorry to those hurt by the affair, including her estranged husband, family, his wife and 'probably the public as well.'"

Absolutely Mr Rann should apologise to the estranged husband of the woman. I mean, he bears absolute  responsibility. It is the sheer radiating power from his penis that blinded the woman. If that were absent, Ms Chantelois would stay perfectly faithful to her marriage vows, for multiple lifetimes, if not eternity.

At least there is one refreshing constant. Newspapers are Garbage
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