Group Sex

9th Sept 2009

I'm gonna branch out a bit here and talk about my extremely limited knowledge of evolutionary biology. From what I am aware, the amount of sperm a male in a species produces is proportional to the amount of competition the male has in mating with an ovulating female. Certain species have low competition and produce low amounts of sperm. Their testes are also significantly smaller in proportion to their bodies for the same reason. Sea creatures that spawn must produce extremely high levels of sperm to have an effect in the spawn.

Mammals have large testes & produce large amounts of sperm. This clearly indicates that competition during mating season is high. Watching cheetahs etc during mating season is fascinating. It is clearly in the ovulating female's best interests to have sex with as many males/and extremely frequently. The fights that occur between males at this time & in this vicinity can be titanic, and for evolutionary good reason.

Humans have a year-round mating season that is heightened at time of ovulation. (ie sex still occurs regularly at times of no ovulation) This is an extremely unusual situation. Human female breasts are in a near permanent state that is replicated in other mammals only in pregnancy. Also very unusual. Human males produce, to my knowledge, amounts of sperm in much greater quantity than other mammals. From a distant perspective, this indicates levels of competition much higher than that of other mammals.

I'm now going to walk out on to the most dangerous limbs. Perhaps group sex serves an evolutionary purpose for humans. Firstly - it removes the obstacle of fighting/violence between males that would otherwise occur. It can be, in effect, a mass-bonding activity. Secondly, it would deliver the most sperm to the female in the quickest manner.

This was written in response to the Matthew Johns incident. Many at the time were querying the sex - one female & many male - a gang bang. That is what I mean by group sex in this article. I guess this term was used to be slightly more polite. In Australia the word has actually been redefined by this 'incident'. Say the two words 'group sex' to an Australian, and they will now be unclear if it was a general or specific term. It is, I agree, a general term.

A newspaper article with a slightly different take. The idea of contraception is one I did not fully consider. I still believe it to be a minor factor. I believe that, unconsciously, there is no difference between contraception and the lack of it. I may well be wrong.

Big Stories of 2009 involving Group Sex

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