Kyle Sandilands is a Known Idiot. And?

Kyle Sandilands is an arrogant, stupid boofhead. This is hardly breaking news. These are also the most desirable qualities on commercial FM radio. It is a medium that appeals to listeners of the same calibre. The listeners to such shows deserve the crap they get. It has been created with them in mind.

To my meagre knowledge, the lie detector episode that created the recent scandal was a regular segment. Starting from that fact alone, it is ridiculous that he & his co-host, Jackie O (whatever the hell her real name is?) have had their crappy show cancelled (or 'in recess' if you prefer newspeak). It is one of the highest rating morning radio shows in Sydney. A reasonable assumption would be that the listeners have lapped up the segment in the past. Of course, in making these points, I have conveniently ignored groupthink.

So, yeah, I've heard the segment multiple times now. Who to blame? Kyle? Mother? Jackie? Radio management? The blame appears to have been apportioned in that order. Kyle's follow up to the girl's revelation was extremely poor: "So, is that the only experience you've had?" I genuinely believe he is stupid. I reckon he actually had no idea what else to say. All he could muster was his pre-determined line of interrogation.

The mother definitely appeared to know of the events her daughter was talking about. 2 tickets to a Pink concert was the payoff. The mother essentially sold her daughter for a bargain price. Maybe back stage passes were thrown into the deal.

Jackie is a pathetic wallflower in general. She has no personality & is a Paula Abdul clone in the American Idol mould. At least she is attractive. Plaudits (quite seriously) to whoever teamed the two of them up. Alone, they would be as bland as stale bread. Together, they are (by ratings) massive.

Anyway, I didn't want to bother entering into any great detail on this. It is a convenient opportunity for me to highlight a few key points that I have been making over several pieces. Removing a person from their job is a very poor response to controversy. It constantly disappoints me. That is the key point of interest for me.

Kyle Sandilands is a shock jock. His job is to offend some people in order to make a larger bunch of people laugh. (Many call this system the greatest form of politics.) As far as I can tell, he does his job very well on a seemingly regular basis. Jackie O's job is to go along with Kyle & perhaps feign a note of caution or resistance. (Sounds like the recipe for a teenage soap.) Neither of the two have failed their job description. The relevant advertisers must withdraw their backing, temporarily. A childish game must be played with the public at large. The offence is noted, and has been responded to. All the while, the bean counters know their product is ready to burst when it hits the sheves again. Ho hum.

I will happily don 2 of the 3 mantles I have crowned upon Kyle in the first paragraph. (KingKyle is his self-formed management company. Also the record label for his wife.) I am a mere arrogant boofhead.
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