Conservative Feminism

Elizabeth Fortunato offers a clear glimpse of conservative feminism. The transgender issue is dragging them out of the woodwork. Sex is Not an Opinion, showcases boilerplate feminism alongside selective conservative logic.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has apologized, yet again, for identifying herself as a Native American. This time, the Massachusetts Democrat’s apology came in front of a Peterborough, New Hampshire bowling alley in early December. Almost a year after her ill-advised DNA test, she is still trying to shake off the embarrassing debacle.
Warren knows the episode will dog her as she continues her bid for the White House. Yet her public-relations fiasco exposes an uncomfortable truth about Warren: She still clings to the belief that a subjective emotional feeling can determine identity.

Warren understands now that her opinion about being Native American did not entitle her to claim tribal membership. Nevertheless, she continues to evince strong support for the transgender agenda which based upon the same faulty principles.
All good.
Women and minorities should take careful note of Warren’s deeply held opinion that feeling can define sexual identity. That established tenet of LGBTQ dogma threatens not only women but all Americans who still require legislation to protect their access to equal opportunity.
Full blown intersectional feminism. With one twist - the privileges stop here. Everyone who has already stepped through into the magical land of positive rights gets to keep them. As with every conservative feminist, she treasures feminism. For some unknown reason, it just went a bit crazy of late.
Under a Warren presidency (or for that matter, a presidency of any current Democrat) the ramifications of the Equality Act’s passage would be devastating for pre-existing protected classes.
The intersectional appeal is to women, minorities, LGB, disabled, mentally ill, muslims, immigrants and the countless others to receive the shining glow of progressivism. Well over 70% of the population of USA. Sounds familiar. Elizabeth Fortunato is conservative. The long march stops now, it was fun before.
A valid claim to membership in a special class traditionally has been determined by a physical circumstance that the claimant does not personally control (like race or sex).
Handing out special class benefits is already a tradition. Fortunato doubles down on victim class being 100% objective. All she cares about is feminism. How is being gay objective? Muslim? Even race is dicey. How much blood must one have before free stuff is handed out? 
..she could lay claim to the privileges and endowments that weren’t rightfully hers as a white woman.
Fellow white wamen people...

Mindy Robinson before the wall

Warren took the place held for a person whose race granted them special protection and preference in hiring.
Dolezal infamously posed as a black woman in order to access the preferred hiring that an African American was legally entitled to have.
Fuck I love progress.
We need to challenge Warren and the rest of the Democratic field on this proposed change, because it fundamentally renders irrelevant those biological differences between male and female. If that principle became the standard, it could remove the physical distinctions of race- and ethnicity-protected classes as well.
Drum roll. Fortunato, in a moment of clarity, lays out how it's going to fail. If one falls, they may all fall. No positive rights, for anyone. She has no idea how it came to this stage. Sheer mystery that demanding gibsmedat becomes a perpetual event. Just Like a Woman.

Come battle now you weary white knights. Time to smite in the famous final fight for right-wing feminism. Protect the protected ones. They deserve it.

You cannot create justice for one by depriving others of it.
That's right Elizabeth. A true conservative to the end.

Socialism as a Sexual Strategy

Sexuality may be the most important guidance system for political strategies. At its simplest : men seek to move up the hierarchy, women seek to optimize choice. Status for men, youth & fertility for women.

This graph is a beauty. Why do men, at the present time, support socialism more than women do?

The answer also appears to be basic. Though it requires a framework that the dating market for young men is skewed against them. Perhaps to a larger degree than anytime in recent history.

Socialism is an answer. In it, the belief that one will be catapulted to a higher status overnight. A tantalizing prospect for young men.

Conversely, the amount of choice is reduced for women. Also, a good husband will be kneecapped.

There is more to the story. Much more. Barely scratching the surface, really.

Why the World Cup will be better with 48 teams

The most concise answer is the World Cup is meant to be a Cup competition. Not a league. The Cup component will be heightened. The league part is by far the most boring & monotonous. The World 'Cup' has always involved league matches, however.

Taking the competition to 48 teams will involve exactly the same amount of matches as the present 32 team system. Sixteen groups of three will put greater meaning into the league matches. There will be 48 league and 16 cup matches (including 3rd & 4th playoff).

The league matches are completely different in style from the knockouts. Teams are incentivized to score as many goals as possible. This involves over the top wide play. Then a shift to more central play in the Cup stage. As a viewer, it is quite infuriating to gauge how a team will fare just by watching the league matches. This won't change, but each team will now only have 2 league games.

It will not dilute the quality of teams. If one chooses to concentrate on the lower ranks, then yes it will. Why the dilution will not occur is that more European and South American teams can play. Not many more, as FIFA will surely keep the squeeze on to 'diversify' the game. The current situation of Europe not being allowed to field 16 teams, and South America hatcheted to 4 and a half teams will end.

The poor teams will also play one less match before being knocked out.

The viewer will not get to see the best 48 teams. As at present, the best 32 teams aren't there. There is little to be done about this. FIFA is a monstrosity, and one can only shrug. Certainly from a purist view - it would be wonderful to see the best 48 teams.

I have always preferred the Euro group style. Goal difference is not meaningful - it is the head to head that determines qualification. Again, this wont change. It will only be the top team going through. It will be kept as goal difference to create fake excitement for the neutral viewer.

Under the perverse selection rules of countries going to the FIFA World Cup, 48 teams will be better than 32.

Australian update

Stajcic vs Matildas. Coach women at your peril.

3rd Update :

Alen Stajcic has finally made a media appearance. Video too.

A longer write-up of the torrid affair.

If FFA had some balls and stated what it was about in the beginning. Rather than hiding behind catch-all nasty takedowns like 'toxic culture' - Stajcic may have been spared alot of innuendo. I hope he sues and wins.

David Gallop, a 'champion' of his time at the NRL is an insipid wastrel. It was to be expected.


2nd Update :

It is murkier than I thought. We can only rely on hearsay, as FFA (Football Federation Australia) is being very secretive with the reasons.

An insider with deep understanding of the workings of women's soccer claims the sacking of Matildas coach Alen Stajcic was "not about him as a coach but about a group of power-hungry women with a long held hatred of him."

some Matildas are they are still in the dark as to why Stajcic was sacked.

The insider said there were people in high places who had an axe to grind with Stajcic and wanted him out.

"Interestingly, however, there was never any talk of a poor culture or issues inside the camp."

It is no different to a high school clique. False rumours and innuendo are the primary weapons.

"When Alen was named temporary coach of the Matildas in 2014, I know one administrator was very disappointed."

"She said she can't stand him. She did not want him, she did not like him, she thought nothing of him."

"She said they had 'fought so hard (to keep him out)' but couldn't do anything about it."

Disgruntled, second rate players were always a time bomb.

"Then you add the other levels, like former players, a number of whom had been working behind the scenes against him. Players who have been dropped, players whose contracts have not been renewed."

According to the source, who has had dealings with Stajcic in the past, they have never seen anything that would be misconstrued as misbehaviour on his part.

Surely more to come. It certainly won't be through official channels.


Update :

Success and hard work is toxic.

Despite his remarkable success with the Matildas that saw them finish runner-up in the Asian Cup in 2014 and 2018 and quarter-finalists at the World Cup (2015) and Olympics (2016), those forces finally got their way last Saturday when FFA announced he had been axed amid claims from the head body that he had overseen a "toxic culture" in the Matildas.

Being told to run faster or get in peak shape is toxic.

Instead, there have been allegations, not directly linked to Stajcic, of bullying, homophobic comments, fat-shaming and mental disintegration in the Matildas camp. The Weekend Australian is not suggesting Stajcic has engaged in any wrongdoing.

Homophobia is anything that denies true love flourishing in abandon. At all times.

There is talk of the Matildas camp being divided. There are allegations some players have been in relationships with one another and allegations some were upset and angry when told they could not room together.

It was always fringe elements, and their lackeys using behind the backs gossip to get their way.

At least three Matildas staff members, disgusted with the treatment of Stajcic, have resigned of their own accord.

As many as 17 Matildas have come out in public support of Stajcic, notably Australia's best player Sam Kerr and captain Clare Polkinghorne.

(Polkinghorne) said on Thursday she had not experienced bullying, fat-shaming or the toxic environment cited as part of the "unaceptable culture" that allegedly manifested itself under Stajcic and required his removal.

They see it happening in Hollywood. In corporate zombiesphere. Why cant they use it too?


Soccer turmoil of the #MeToo variety.

'Football Federation Australia took the drastic action of dumping Stajcic, who had been in charge of the Matildas since 2014, on Saturday on the basis of an investigation following revelations in two surveys of players and staff - one conducted by Professional Footballers Australia and the other by Our Watch, an organisation that tackles abuse and violence against women.'

Of course the lobby groups can't keep away. Snouts must be fed.

'Questions have since been raised about the validity of both surveys, especially the one conducted by Our Watch, following suggestions it was not password protected and could have been accessed by any number of people. However, Our Watch assured The Australian last night that their research was conducted by the strictest standards.'

Our Watch's murky statement :

"All Our Watch research abides by the NHMRC National Statement on Ethical Conduct, under the guidance of Human Research and Ethics committees. Our Watch surveys are housed on a highly reputable platform utilised by hospitals, government and research and all data is password-protected and accessible only to authorised staff."

Let's look at this closer. Taking everything as spoken.

The data is password protected. The survey is not. Anyone with an axe to grind could, and evidently did jump on to log their grievances. The very familiar stacks-on the man with a declining status.

'It has been revealed that the Our Watch survey received 142 replies, but only three were from Matildas and the suggestion is that most responses came from parents of some of the players, and staff and partners.

What a surprise. Only 3 responses from the players. The ones that matter.

The website said some of the responses from the three replies included "trigger words" such as "toxic", "misogynistic" and "bullying" and "were later cited by FFA'

The big words that can crash the gleaming castle. Toxic, misogynistic bullying. No matter this is professional sport. Words must be kind, gender non-specific and non-objective.

How about a typical line heard in any non-professional, Australian sporting environment?

'Harden the fuck up, buttercup'

This line is clearly problematic. First we have 'harden', a possible phallic reference. If not a muscular reference. Such words cannot be spoken in the presence of professional sportswomen.

'Fuck', again verboten. Implying many things, at its most basic - penetrative sex. Tsk, tsk.

'Buttercup' - effeminate. These words are indeed criminal.

Ray Gatt:

'But this situation has gotten out of hand. There is a terrible stench - anyone smell a rat? - about this whole business and the demands for answers and transparency, especially from the rank and file, are growing by the minute.'

Place your bets if the three complainants are second string players, using words in the vain hope of magically becoming part of the First XI.

'All we have been told is that it revolves around a toxic culture within the group. There's absolutely no hint of sexual misbehaviour or violence.'

We must change society, because...women. Kiwis have it no better.

Right wing women suffering Stockholm syndrome

From the wise heads of The Age newspaper, in hard left Melbourne.

"West Australian Liberal senator Linda Reynolds, an assistant minister in the Morrison government, and Sarah Henderson, also an assistant minister, denied that the Liberal Party is anti-women. They also defended the Coalition’s merit-based system of choosing candidates."

These two women have sinned irredeemably. Pro-woman is anti-merit, as the author is at pains to demonstrate.

"These comments are staggering - but they are also utterly understandable – and I think I have the explanation for these comments by Reynolds and Henderson. Let me take you back nearly 50 years."

Oh goody, a history lesson from a feminist. This will be insightful.

"In the early `70s, the case of four Swedish bank employees who’d been taken hostage and tortured over six days captured our collective imagination."

Ah, the titular claim (online always run different headlines) - 'Liberal (right wing) women suffering Stockholm syndrome'.

"I’m not sure how to cure Stockholm syndrome myself."

It is endless. The claims of women taken hostage by an evil society - the patriarchy of course.

“first step in breaking a pattern of victimisation is the realisation that we have fallen into the trap of identifying with the aggressor. But it is usually others who make us see the light ... one way to build up immunity ... is to band together and create a support group. Support groups can provide strength and reassurance, as well as a reality check to prevent members from identifying with the aggressor.”

So, this is how to break the syndrome. Sounds very much like our old friend, the feminist tribe. Hmm.

The rest of the article is gush about being anti-merit to support wymyn. It never ceases to amaze how all that matters is identifying the enemy, then taking numerous illogical steps to defeat said enemy, is the way of empowerment.

As a juxtaposition, here is opposing, conservative journalist Peter van Onselen :

"Who thinks Penny Wong or Tanya Plibersek got to where they are only because of Labor's quota system? Actually, I do, because if Labor didn't have a quota, like so many similarly high-calibre women who lean Liberal, they wouldn't have put up their hands for selection or wouldn't have been selected. So, yes, they probably got there only because of a quota. That, if anything, is yet another argument for quotas."

It looks like unanimous agreement across the aisles. Pro-woman is anti-merit. Time for re-education folks. Bow down to the intersectional God of modern feminism. Reason is firmly on the back shelf. Society must be changed, for the better.

On this note, anyone with a brain can see the simple substitution of the word 'woman' for any minority one cares to think of - is the end of our society. Feminism is a terminal disease.

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