Ben Cousins - In the beginning

The Ben Cousins saga has followed an entirely familiar path. I hope he stays out of the country, at his choosing, until the Moral Hounding Unit has ceased operations. MHU is one of the most highly resourced national bodies in this otherwise fine land. Chances are slim that Ben Cousin’s choice will enter the equation for most. His ability to choose has already been derided publicly. Solid work, MHU.

The Perth police intervention – entirely dodgy if you ask me. I reckon the cops saw it was Cousins, followed him and stopped him. He spent two hours on a Perth street being frisked etc, while his companions were free to leave. Clearly targeted. It was also clear that a conviction for valium would never hold. Daniel Kerr was convicted for forgery and theft of a doctor’s pad, not the possession of valium. If this is not tall poppy syndrome, please tell me what it is. I will publicly say that the cops were acting exactly like a bunch of neighbourhood thugs. Cousins, a peacock, entered their territory. They were threatened and plotted his downfall. It is the most typical Beta activity on the planet (note Clockwork Orange). A Beta is entirely incapable of bringing down an Alpha alone. (I will accept no argument that Cousins is (was) not an Alpha). Betas must scheme like little schoolboys to achieve their aim. The justifications used are invariably disgusting. The logic is moulded to fit the situation. This is what religion is all about.

The outpouring of morality is also disgusting. I see a bunch of Betas sharpening the knives. Only in the last few days, after weeks of blanket coverage, is a decent portion of the feedback becoming sensible. People are finally saying, en masse, they do not care about his daily life. A secondary issue, Pratt vs Cousins, is vaguely interesting. The issue itself is dull, however, some people need to have it to see the hypocrisy.

The police charges against Cousins have been dropped. The exception was his refusal to test for drugs (I applaud his action). The AFL, and West Coast used the incident a few weeks ago as petty justification for their weak Beta ways. Stuff the AFL. It has become one of the most piss weak sports in the world. I am not talking about the onfield action. That would be clearly rubbish. The politics are the most disgusting in any sport, save Cricket. Notice the connection. Yes, it is Australia.

In years to come, the majority of Australians will finally accept the wowsers had come back to roost. The most disturbing thing is how we let the moronic idiots ever dominate the dialogue. Expect the judge in this case to say something very similar. Ben Cousins has been sacked and charged for bringing the game into disrepute. The AFL will try and stop him from playing again. Nothing can be sustained legally. Perception has dominated reality, as always, for the wowsers.

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