Red Pill Test

This was conceived as a way to challenge my family, very gently, on ideas many hold. To demonstrate that much thinking is in fact reactive. Non-intellectual. To achieve this is the entirety of the goal.

Transmitting information is secondary. The impetus must come from within. Much like the desire to explore a rabbit hole. In this spirit, the links provided are only partial answers. They may be rejected, or scoffed at. Where possible (and it wasnt with all), leftwing sites are preferenced.

Unfortunately, this will have to wait until Christmas. It is February now. Its a running joke to me that this is not uncommon for many families I know.

The intent is to ask the questions in a round table manner. Control & mask my reactions as with a poker game. Allow any & all arguments (particularly with each other) to run at will. Perform only the role of quiz master, tallying the answers. Noting where emotion took over, and breaking it all down upon completion.

Further, I do not expect the quiz will be completed. I do see childish tantrums (of adults) will work its magic in psychic defense. The questions begin exceedingly simple. Then ramp up in complexity. I have also kept it as short as possible.

Try it yourself if you wish. Online, I don't believe it will be effective. Perhaps I am wrong.

Section A : One Word Answers

1) Who did the South represent in the US civil war?

2) Which party was Abe Lincoln the leader of?

3) In the 2016 US election, who referenced race & sex in every campaign speech?

4) Do you identify as feminist?

Section B

5) What happened to the politics of the US South in the 1960s?

6) What is a welfare state?

7) What is the purpose of a formal education?
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