Conservative Feminism

Elizabeth Fortunato offers a clear glimpse of conservative feminism. The transgender issue is dragging them out of the woodwork. Sex is Not an Opinion, showcases boilerplate feminism alongside selective conservative logic.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has apologized, yet again, for identifying herself as a Native American. This time, the Massachusetts Democrat’s apology came in front of a Peterborough, New Hampshire bowling alley in early December. Almost a year after her ill-advised DNA test, she is still trying to shake off the embarrassing debacle.
Warren knows the episode will dog her as she continues her bid for the White House. Yet her public-relations fiasco exposes an uncomfortable truth about Warren: She still clings to the belief that a subjective emotional feeling can determine identity.

Warren understands now that her opinion about being Native American did not entitle her to claim tribal membership. Nevertheless, she continues to evince strong support for the transgender agenda which based upon the same faulty principles.
All good.
Women and minorities should take careful note of Warren’s deeply held opinion that feeling can define sexual identity. That established tenet of LGBTQ dogma threatens not only women but all Americans who still require legislation to protect their access to equal opportunity.
Full blown intersectional feminism. With one twist - the privileges stop here. Everyone who has already stepped through into the magical land of positive rights gets to keep them. As with every conservative feminist, she treasures feminism. For some unknown reason, it just went a bit crazy of late.
Under a Warren presidency (or for that matter, a presidency of any current Democrat) the ramifications of the Equality Act’s passage would be devastating for pre-existing protected classes.
The intersectional appeal is to women, minorities, LGB, disabled, mentally ill, muslims, immigrants and the countless others to receive the shining glow of progressivism. Well over 70% of the population of USA. Sounds familiar. Elizabeth Fortunato is conservative. The long march stops now, it was fun before.
A valid claim to membership in a special class traditionally has been determined by a physical circumstance that the claimant does not personally control (like race or sex).
Handing out special class benefits is already a tradition. Fortunato doubles down on victim class being 100% objective. All she cares about is feminism. How is being gay objective? Muslim? Even race is dicey. How much blood must one have before free stuff is handed out? 
..she could lay claim to the privileges and endowments that weren’t rightfully hers as a white woman.
Fellow white wamen people...

Mindy Robinson before the wall

Warren took the place held for a person whose race granted them special protection and preference in hiring.
Dolezal infamously posed as a black woman in order to access the preferred hiring that an African American was legally entitled to have.
Fuck I love progress.
We need to challenge Warren and the rest of the Democratic field on this proposed change, because it fundamentally renders irrelevant those biological differences between male and female. If that principle became the standard, it could remove the physical distinctions of race- and ethnicity-protected classes as well.
Drum roll. Fortunato, in a moment of clarity, lays out how it's going to fail. If one falls, they may all fall. No positive rights, for anyone. She has no idea how it came to this stage. Sheer mystery that demanding gibsmedat becomes a perpetual event. Just Like a Woman.

Come battle now you weary white knights. Time to smite in the famous final fight for right-wing feminism. Protect the protected ones. They deserve it.

You cannot create justice for one by depriving others of it.
That's right Elizabeth. A true conservative to the end.

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