Right wing women suffering Stockholm syndrome

From the wise heads of The Age newspaper, in hard left Melbourne.

"West Australian Liberal senator Linda Reynolds, an assistant minister in the Morrison government, and Sarah Henderson, also an assistant minister, denied that the Liberal Party is anti-women. They also defended the Coalition’s merit-based system of choosing candidates."

These two women have sinned irredeemably. Pro-woman is anti-merit, as the author is at pains to demonstrate.

"These comments are staggering - but they are also utterly understandable – and I think I have the explanation for these comments by Reynolds and Henderson. Let me take you back nearly 50 years."

Oh goody, a history lesson from a feminist. This will be insightful.

"In the early `70s, the case of four Swedish bank employees who’d been taken hostage and tortured over six days captured our collective imagination."

Ah, the titular claim (online always run different headlines) - 'Liberal (right wing) women suffering Stockholm syndrome'.

"I’m not sure how to cure Stockholm syndrome myself."

It is endless. The claims of women taken hostage by an evil society - the patriarchy of course.

“first step in breaking a pattern of victimisation is the realisation that we have fallen into the trap of identifying with the aggressor. But it is usually others who make us see the light ... one way to build up immunity ... is to band together and create a support group. Support groups can provide strength and reassurance, as well as a reality check to prevent members from identifying with the aggressor.”

So, this is how to break the syndrome. Sounds very much like our old friend, the feminist tribe. Hmm.

The rest of the article is gush about being anti-merit to support wymyn. It never ceases to amaze how all that matters is identifying the enemy, then taking numerous illogical steps to defeat said enemy, is the way of empowerment.

As a juxtaposition, here is opposing, conservative journalist Peter van Onselen :

"Who thinks Penny Wong or Tanya Plibersek got to where they are only because of Labor's quota system? Actually, I do, because if Labor didn't have a quota, like so many similarly high-calibre women who lean Liberal, they wouldn't have put up their hands for selection or wouldn't have been selected. So, yes, they probably got there only because of a quota. That, if anything, is yet another argument for quotas."

It looks like unanimous agreement across the aisles. Pro-woman is anti-merit. Time for re-education folks. Bow down to the intersectional God of modern feminism. Reason is firmly on the back shelf. Society must be changed, for the better.

On this note, anyone with a brain can see the simple substitution of the word 'woman' for any minority one cares to think of - is the end of our society. Feminism is a terminal disease.

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