Best Articles of July

America Bombs, Europe gets the Refugees. That's Evil by Eric Zuesse

Research and links to blow your mind. Dive deep, my friend.

Science is the Belief in the Ignorance of Experts

An excerpt from Financial Times on Chinese perceptions of Donald Trump.

The Butler Did It : 'Gender Trouble' and the Academic Roots of the Trans-Cult by Robert Stacy McCain

The end result of the plague sweeping through universities.

#BasedArab by Didact's Reach

An atheist proselytises on the virtues of Christianity to fight Islam.

Israel passes 'Nation State' Law Enshrining Jewish Supremacy

Jewish Militants see White Nationalists as Natural Allies (linked interview)

At least be informed.

When the US invaded Russia

A little known piece of history.

World Cup: FIFA wants broadcasters to show fewer images of attractive women at games

FIFA steps in a gigantic dogshit. Feminists appear not to notice.

The Dollar Dilemma : Where to From Here? by Ron Paul

The clear implications of financial engineering.

Please comment on your picks from July.

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